Friday, July 9, 2010

Cobbler, and not the kind you eat~

I took my favorite shoes to the cobbler to have them let's say, spruced up. They needed new elastics, the frayed ends burned off and a good polishing. I love these shoes! They are comfortable, give my tree trunk legs a bit more height and go will all. My friend Carla got me on the band-wagon to shop from my closet. Go through my clothes and shoes and make the old new again. It's working. I have worn two dresses, a couple of skirts and many different pairs of shoes that I normally don't wear. I love my stand by t-shirts and those will need replacing soon, but all-in-all my clothes are coming out of the dark.

With all of the new/old outfits I am wearing, I will wear miss Bling faithfully.

Now, time to gear up/ rev up/ pump up for our morning work out. How is that going you ask, that's for another blog.


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