Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sitting here naked....

I'm sitting here naked thinking about my month with the bling. I find this round piece of jewelry a catalyst to have anyone open their imaginations, conquer their fears, enjoy any adventure and make everyday special.

I'm not sure it is the sole purpose of the bling, but she is sure does help get the juices flowing.....

Here is a recap of my month:

  • April Bling send off at Nikki's--what a blast!
  • Rescue Me and a very fun new toy
  • Work: sending out letters of invitation to 11 people who were vying for my job, then a meet and greet to all of them as they walked pass my desk to their interviews....2 very tough days
  • Madre's day
  • New Orleans! Me and the twenty somethings, St. Bernards Parish, "nothing but love", tattoo's, good music, good food and good drink
  • memories of my madre's death (it gets easier)
  • My Birthday (my coworkers decorated my cube and sang and took me out to lunch)
  • My Birthday present from Dav---a matching tattoo
  • Tahoe--Nephelle's and Jaime's in Sacramento (the best steak sandwich EVER!)
  • Union President in training....more responsibilities, less help, more satisfaction
  • The news of Curtis taking an interview in a different town
  • SIS--SV Parks & Golf Top Chef Burger Cook Off
  • Dinner with Jones (my ole chum from middle school)
  • Susan Boyle
  • Adam Lambert
  • And, lots and lots of revelations


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Birthday

Well, 45 came and 44 went. It was the first time in many years that coworkers did something nice for me. They decorated my cube with balloons, confetti, flowers and streamers. They sang happy birthday as soon as I walked into the office. What a surprise. They also took me to lunch...too much.

Saturday we took off to Tahoe to stay in the Marriott Timber Lodge. Danielle, Z, David and I drove up then met Cath and Scott. We stayed on a package with the caveat that we sit thru a 90 min. presentation. We ate some good grub, did a good hike, and then layed out by the pool. BTW the casinos stink. The table limits are too high and much too serious players. Not our cup of tea.

The bling and I had a very enjoyable, relaxing weekend.

Back to work, only 4 weeks left at the Corp Yard. I'm going to miss it. Then back to the golf course. I have mixed feelings but am looking forward to a little less stress and more take care of me time. Time to take off these stress lbs.

8 weeks til our Tri. Got to get serious. Got to lose a few so I'm not huffing and puffing.

The month is almost over, and I'm going to miss fingering the bling. I hope I have done her justice?


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Crazy Day

Lots going on, lots. The bling and I have had a busy day.

I took a call today from a Park Worker who was helping a man whose dog was just hit by a car. She and the man were hysterical, I felt like a 911 operator. On the phone with Animal Control and the Park Worker getting help and providing help. They got the dog to the vet, but the doggie didn't make it. It was 16 yrs old and had just gone thru chemo therapy. It was very sad.

Twice today, I've been called union chapter chair in training and Norma Rae. Yes, chair of our local chapter. It's exciting, but scary. I've been asked to be a delegate at the next union convention, on an optimal space study board, and the lead on renogotiations. Oh me, Oh my.

Getting ready for Idol and Chow Fun--Oh Yum


Monday, May 18, 2009

NOLA part deux

NOLA--what a magical place, what a resilient place...the people are amazing.

We ventured down to the Garden District for lunch at a place call Jacqaue Imo's. We borrowed my uncle's little yellow car and headed on down but with my luck we couldn't find it. Starving, we headed back to the quarter, I dropped Judy off at the Central Grocery store for a muffalata and I headed to Coop's for the best and yes I mean the best fried chicken, jumbalaya and a strawberry Abita. mmmm good.

We then rested a bit and drove out the St. Bernard's Parrish to help volunteer in a Pep Rally celebrating the good and the progress of this 550 sq. mile community. The theater was packed with citizens, cheer leaders, dignitaries and a couple of CA girls. We helped hand out t shirts, stickers and car magnets. The stories continued to amaze me. Before we left the theater Judy turned to me and said all of these people lost their homes. Reality hit.

I met a small family of three who moved to Mississippi bought a house but wanted to move back to the place they called home. They missed the Parrish. They lost two homes, their residence and a rental. It took almost 4 years but they are finally moving back in a couple of weeks. Tragedy aside, they still have the problem of selling their Mississippi house. The part I was amazed at was they never took the smiles off of their faces.

I also met the Principal of the middle and high school, who only 4 months after the storm told the Federal Government that if they didn't put up the money to help rebuild the two schools that she would do it any way and send them a bill.
Good for her--a true hero.

Exhausted and inspired we headed back to the Parrish for some good food and good people watching. I had to have a shrimp Po Boy.

One more story for the day, Judy was being teased by a bouncer and she asked him what his Katrina story was. He had lived in the Parrish and to keep looters out he had a shot gun by his bed. One night he saw three men outside and they tried to loot the bouncers home, he shot at them and with tears in his eyes said he may have even killed one of them. He doesn't know for sure, but said he can't forget that night. He hadn't been back to the Parrish since then and when Judy told him of the progress, he was adminent that he would never go back, never. He just couldn't talk himself into it. He couldn't forget.

Another inspiring day in NOLA.


No Regrets

I'm going to take this opportunity to take a pause in my series of New Orleans experiences. I'm going to skip ahead to no regrets.

Near or on my 40th birthday I wanted to get a tattoo. A small one with some type of significant meaning. Now nearing my 45th birthday I wanted to let y'all know I did it when I was in New Orleans. I got a tattoo.

It has several meanings to me and it can mean whatever it wants to those who read it. It says "Just Breathe" on the underside of my left wrist.

Deep, long, short, cardio, mental, physical, you name it---take a breath and "Just Breathe".

No Regrets. Ever.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

NOLA--Day 1

Wow, what a trip...lots of food, fun and drink. New Orleans is still healing, but you wouldn't have noticed the way the quarter was buzzing. I didn't take the bling off the entire time. She was a silent witness to my adventures in the big easy. My mission, to help my friend Judy with her book signing, see how St. Bernard is coming along and to have some serious R&R.

After a shaky plane ride, we landed and I headed straight to the Crescent City Brewery for a tall Red Stallion, (I left my real stallion at home) and a plate of delicious raw oysters. They were the freshest, tastiest darn things and mixed with a big cool drink of the stallion made a perfect combination.

I was chatting with the oyster shucker and the young kid next to me chimed in. He wasn't crazy about oysters, but after he placed it on a cracker and tasted the shuckers special sauce he became a new fan.

The first twentysomething of this trip I met was from Brooklyn and was waiting for his girlfriend to finish up the day at a convention in Harrah's. It was his first time in NOLA, and asked many questions about the city; where to go, where to eat and about Katrina.

The weather was perfect, it was warm, steamy and had a sweet smell. After walking for a bit, I headed over to Cafe Du Monde for a beignet and coffee. I sat with my feet up, sipped on my cup o joe and listened to a fabulous violin player.

I was pooped and headed back to the room for a night club nap. Judy was expected in a couple of hours. Jay and Jay, the cutest couple own a three story house (imagine-narrow and tall) at the end of Bourbon. It's quaint, comfortable and full of character. It has a beautiful court yard full of overflowing large leaf plants. It's a little too steamy to sit and enjoy but lovely none the less.

Judy, an old friend, who has become a strong supporter with her volunteer efforts and her poignant book helping the forgotten victims of Katrina in the = St. Bernard Parrish (a large county of 500 sq. miles) just outside of the quarter. The water levels were high, up as high as 20 feet. She is an inspiration and a role model. She can get any stranger to tell her their story and in return retell to us with such reverence and dignity, that you yourself want to do something to help, even if it's dumping money into the city.

She arrived around 9:30 and we were off to Desire, our favorite restaurant at the end of Bourbon. It has our favorite Louisiana dishes, jambalaya for her and shrimp and grits for me. Oh, how delicious! Every mouthful is heaven. Then off to the clubs for some beer swilling and music. An end to a fun filled day.

Until day two's adventure...O&O

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Yo Mama

Today is mother's day and I miss my mom, I never called her mom, I always called her mommy--til the day she died. I know she is very comfortable resting right next door, under her big cool tree (she hated being hot). BTW-lots of traffic in and out of the cemetery on this particular day.

My peeps took good care of me today. Coffee in bed, 4 episodes (all three of us together watching) Rescue Me--(Thanks Pete the professional shopper) and a good BBQ burger with the works, strawberry pie and my whole family hanging out. Yummo!

I'm fat and happy and can't wait for Wednesday when I'll be flying to NOLA for some good work, good food, fun dancing and tasty beverages.

Happy Mommy's Day~


Friday, May 8, 2009

Edward Scissorhands

After a rough day on the work front, I thought I'd treat myself to a haircut. Not worrying about the end results, I called a coworkers hairdresser (who has fab hair) and he fit me in. It looked like I was walking into a pinkberry ice cream store. It was a stark new age shop with three cute Taiwanese boys running around. My hair cutter Joe was finishing up a client and I was brought to a futuristic shampoo bowl and got the best hand job of my life--on my hair that is. The water pressure was strong and the shampooer washed my hair twice then put conditioner and massaged my scalp, temples and then put a warm towel over my forehead at the end. Fabulous!

Joe finished up with his other lady, and after a full blow dry (he cuts dry), lots of questions, we came up with my new doo. His hands flew, and my hair flows. He said the first time it's 90% what I want and 10% what he wants. It really ended up 60-40 in his favor. End results, I love my new doo!

After my chauffeur duties, I met up with Cath and Scott for burritos and beers.
Gave them the scoop on my week, Helga, the lock down, necklace orgy, death of one of our Ambassador's at the golf course and meeting and greeting all of the candidates for what was to be my position. I then had a much deserved good cry watching Grey's Anatomy, and came to write this all down for you gals.

Today ends the week and appreciate that the bling was with me keeping me strong and I thank her for that.
Tomorrow starts another day and I appreciate that.

O&O girly girls

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Necklace Hangover

Just like the Four Seasons chimed in the song "December 1963 (Oh What a Night)" ...............Oh What A Night! My head is a spinning just as my old album did back in the day.
What a blast I had. The food, drink, company, Idol watching, necklace exchanging, dildo, vibrator's, golden fingers, pocket rocket talk, boy--I'm sweatin just thinking about it--it was a blast.

Nikki put on a fabuloso shin-dig, felt totally at home, but-no- the best part of the night wasn't all of the dirty talk, noooooooo, yes you all guessed it, it was Mario a.k.a. Hazel, doing the dishes. And, I have a photo to prove it.

I fingered the necklace all the way home, wishing I could have stayed longer if only the alarm weren't going off so darn early.

Well, I'm wearing her now, in my gym shorts, tank top and no bra! How sexy!

The bling goes with all.


Monday, May 4, 2009

Helga and Lockdown

You know what we need right now, a diet coke. Yes, that is what my future necklace friend and I need. Off to watch Danielle in League Finals, or should I say Helga Cordova, shot put and discus thrower extraordinaire.

Helga aka Danielle took 9th overall in today's league finals but not before the school was in lock down. All 6 schools involved in the track and field league finals were shuttled into the gym while SC police looked for a suspect who had a dismantled shot gun stored in his abandoned motorcycle. Not sure if they found the guy, but the kids were let back out into the field and finals continued. Danielle threw her personal best 23' 4" . We are proud of her. Not too sure we are proud of SC Police since they didn't find the suspect that was running amuck.
Maybe the bling would have found the suspect...I'm sure it has magic powers.


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Two days and counting

Aaah, two more days and it will be my turn to hold the coveted do I approach my writing style, who are my readers--listeners--who is my audience? Oh, the girls. They are my audience.

Okay, here goes. Dear friends, I promise to uphold the responsibilities that come with wearing the necklace. I promise to include it in most everything I do. Everything. I also promise to write, blog, journal, tell you everything.

Things I wish for, a good story in the news...such as Octomom, or Swine, or how bout we are out of the damn recession, how bout world peace...ya, let's hope in my month of May, world peace finally happens.

Okay, let's be realistic and just settle for peace in our own lives.

Yes, peace-peace of mind, peace in our hearts, peace of ass, okay, I'll settle for a piece of ass. hee hee

Back to my peaceful family
Back to Marley and Me.