Monday, May 4, 2009

Helga and Lockdown

You know what we need right now, a diet coke. Yes, that is what my future necklace friend and I need. Off to watch Danielle in League Finals, or should I say Helga Cordova, shot put and discus thrower extraordinaire.

Helga aka Danielle took 9th overall in today's league finals but not before the school was in lock down. All 6 schools involved in the track and field league finals were shuttled into the gym while SC police looked for a suspect who had a dismantled shot gun stored in his abandoned motorcycle. Not sure if they found the guy, but the kids were let back out into the field and finals continued. Danielle threw her personal best 23' 4" . We are proud of her. Not too sure we are proud of SC Police since they didn't find the suspect that was running amuck.
Maybe the bling would have found the suspect...I'm sure it has magic powers.


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  1. DEb, you are such a pro at this blogging thing. i love your stories. lock down is sooo scary. love that you are fingering the bling regularly. AND< cant WAIT to see the new DOO!!! super excited. have you started watching rescue me? Did Jerry phone you to say how GREAT his two new students were in his 11am golf class? :) woohoo.... keep on writing my friend. ditto on your comments bout tuesday night at nikki's. it was awesome. marla