Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Crazy Day

Lots going on, lots. The bling and I have had a busy day.

I took a call today from a Park Worker who was helping a man whose dog was just hit by a car. She and the man were hysterical, I felt like a 911 operator. On the phone with Animal Control and the Park Worker getting help and providing help. They got the dog to the vet, but the doggie didn't make it. It was 16 yrs old and had just gone thru chemo therapy. It was very sad.

Twice today, I've been called union chapter chair in training and Norma Rae. Yes, chair of our local chapter. It's exciting, but scary. I've been asked to be a delegate at the next union convention, on an optimal space study board, and the lead on renogotiations. Oh me, Oh my.

Getting ready for Idol and Chow Fun--Oh Yum


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