Sunday, February 27, 2011

Working for a Living

Back to work tomorrow after a 10 day stacation. Lots of fun, lots of rest. Back to the grind, but secretly looking forward to the routine. Lunch is packed, work out clothes ready for my lunch time sweat, but no outfit picked out yet. Hmmmm, something cute to feel good the whole day or something comfy? Cute is always better.

Song: Working for a Living
Artist: Huey Lewis

over and out

Burn Rubber (Why you Want to Hurt me)

Coming home from the CCS Wrestling finals we went north on 101 to 880 south and as we passed the exit to 101 south, a Suburban cuts us off trying to make the turn off onto the 101 exit. The jerk, literally, by inches missed us. Not a scratch, no raised heart beats, but after the initial shock wore off, David says," A little love for dad, I just saved your lives". For the next hour (or maybe the next 30 years), he used the "I saved your life" line on Danielle. We showed the love and are grateful for his quick actions. Thanks Dad!

Song: Burn Rubber (why you want to hurt me)
Artist: The Gap Band

Good, good, good vibrations...

Good, good, good vibrations...

Former conversation: Donny Deuthch "the male sides" expert opinion guy, "It's normal/common for couples to fantasize about others while making love". David turns to me and says I don't think so, that's not true, I'm too busy concentrating, and I said "Love the one your with". And, he said yep and we both smiled. Nice couple moment.

nuff said

over and out

Song: Good Vibrations
Artist: Beach Boys

Friday, February 25, 2011

Power, Seduction, Cries

Went to see Black Swan today with David and Danielle. The music was oh so powerful, I think you can imagine by just listening how intense, trippy and scary this movie was. I was sitting in between D & d, and the lesbian/masturbation scene was slightly uncomfortable. Listen to a couple of the snippets from the soundtrack. Portman gets my vote for best actress. BTW-The Oscars are my version of the Superbowl.

Enjoy or not.

over and out

Song: Power, Seduction, Cries
Soundtrack: The Black Swan
Composer: Clint Mansell

Thursday, February 24, 2011

No Parking On The Dance Floor

Or, no parking 18" from the curb in Los Gatos! How desperate does a town have to get. Scenario, Tahoe parked in a legal spot in the alley next to Double D's; white line to the left of the drivers door, next to the curb on the right hand side. Are we suppose to carry a yard stick and measure? It is the running joke now between me and big wave Dave. Let's see how close or not close to the curb, got the measuring tape? eeesh!

Well, no parking on the dance floor or in Los Gatos.

over and out

Song: No Parking on the Dance Floor
Artist: Midnight Star

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Red, Red Winesday

It's the middle of my vacation and the first day off of David's vacation. What to do? Winesday Wednesday! Stacationing! That's what you do. Danielle had basketball practice, then a GSA meeting, so we were off to do some adult beverage tasting. Byington was open and (are you all sitting down?), I loved the first white, yes I said white. It was a 2009 Sauvignon Blanc Liage, yummy! Okay, I told you to sit down. Then I saw a $15 Cab on the other side of the tasting menu and fell in love. Oh so good, but has to be opened right away.

It was a beautiful day and the drive was nice. Not much is open on Winesday's, which in the wine world is a workday, but none the less a nice day. Hamburger's at Double D's and then on the way home I suggested we stop at J. Lohr. Never been- I loved the Zin, jammy, rich--just the way I like it. But, we had to try one more, which was a Petit Sirah--DAMN good! A bbq steak and a glass and Deb is a happy camper.

Another CCS basketball game tomorrow night and then possibly American Idol on Friday...depends on the outcome of the game.

Happy Winesday

over and out~

Song: Red Red Wine
Artist: UB 40

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

Is the theme catching on? Yes, all of my blog titles are the names of or parts of a song.

I'm on vacation this place to go, but lots to do. I've decided to have at least one glass of wine each day while I'm on vacation. I've succeeded so far, but am such a light weight--uggh.

Went on a four dog walk during my fourth day off on a three day weekend, during my 10 day vacation.

Nice hike up in the LG hill area. The dogs loved it!

Things to still complete on my vaca--bikini wax, nails, Danielle's hair color correction, workout (maybe another hike), shampoo the bedroom carpet, send off more scholarship apps, pay taxes, clean house, confirm FAFS info sent, pay bills and whatever else comes along.

Happy Vaca to me~

over and out

Song: Vacation
Artist: The Go Go's

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ain't No Sunshine When She Walks...

Well, it's February 2011 girls, and it's bloody cold. Snow on the low hills and rain, rain, rain in the valley.

Lots to talk about. The Bruins Basketball team won BIG last night on Senior night. The Seniors are recognized for their efforts and the parents are recognized for their support. I do have to say that Danielle is only one of two going onto an advanced education. Marissa her friend from way back in the second grade is the other player going on to college. Although Danielle wasn't a scoring threat, she contributed ways that only some leaders can. She was a role model to the younger girls to do well in high school so that they too can have a chance at college. Have I said lately how proud I am of her.

Home on this Saturday night, reflecting on the good things and trying not to think of the disappointing ones. More pluses than minus'.

Over and Out

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Have you Ever?

Have you ever wondered, is it my time? Is it my time to be the chosen one?

Is it?

Have you ever?

Song: Have you Ever?
Artist: Lara Price

Baby, you're a Firework....

Come on show them what you're worth...Boom, Boom, Boom

A couple of weeks ago, Danielle and her GSA club entered the SCH Lip Sync contest and WON! In fact, they won $1600.00. Here is the link to the YouTube Video! I'm sooo proud! The theme is the robots and the scientist (Cyrus) is trying to change who these kids are.
The performance is called "The Failed Experiment:.
Danielle is the one in the Blue Wig.

over and out...

Song: Firework
Artist: Katy Perry

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Run Fast for your Mother, Fast for your Father...

The Dog Days are overerer.......

Went on a quick run tonight with the doggies and it felt great. I've been on the treadmill at work lately during my lunch hour, but nothing beats running outside in the fresh air.

I know I've skipped quite a bit of the blingness and my adventures between the hand off and now, but don't worry I'll retrace our tracks.

And, now for today's good news, I received my annual review, and can proudly say that I received for the 12th year in a row "Exceeds Expectations". Grand commendation for this municipal-non-profit, proud of the work she does--employee. Through great adversity and multiple challenges, I've come out ahead, have been noticed and said that my work is "Sterling", pretty much like our Bling.

Tots in the oven, turkey burgers on the stove.

Over and Out~

Song: Run
Artist: Florence and the Machine

Monday, February 14, 2011

6 bottles of wine on the table, 6 bottles of wine...

Well, it started out as the usual Bling pass off and turned into, "It's my turn to buy a bottle". Fun, fun, fun at the The Grill for our transfer of the bling from Nicoli to Deb. The mood was right, the food was good and the wine was pouring. Everyone had a lot to tell since the last time we met.

I realized that it seems like time passes by so quickly but a lot sure can happen in four short (in this case it was more like 8) weeks.
Cathy moved, Deb was working on college stuff for Danielle, Nikki and Joey joined Eric's business, Marla joining forces with another funding company and Susan and Laura very busy with their networking and kidlings.

Some of us were there for five hours and some of us went off to other establishments for more.

It was a night for good talk, good burgers, good wine and a couple of special guests.

Yee Haw for the bling pass off of February 2011

Song: 100 bottles of beer on the wall revamped
Artist: Many bored children on a car trip