Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

Is the theme catching on? Yes, all of my blog titles are the names of or parts of a song.

I'm on vacation this place to go, but lots to do. I've decided to have at least one glass of wine each day while I'm on vacation. I've succeeded so far, but am such a light weight--uggh.

Went on a four dog walk during my fourth day off on a three day weekend, during my 10 day vacation.

Nice hike up in the LG hill area. The dogs loved it!

Things to still complete on my vaca--bikini wax, nails, Danielle's hair color correction, workout (maybe another hike), shampoo the bedroom carpet, send off more scholarship apps, pay taxes, clean house, confirm FAFS info sent, pay bills and whatever else comes along.

Happy Vaca to me~

over and out

Song: Vacation
Artist: The Go Go's

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