Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ain't No Sunshine When She Walks...

Well, it's February 2011 girls, and it's bloody cold. Snow on the low hills and rain, rain, rain in the valley.

Lots to talk about. The Bruins Basketball team won BIG last night on Senior night. The Seniors are recognized for their efforts and the parents are recognized for their support. I do have to say that Danielle is only one of two going onto an advanced education. Marissa her friend from way back in the second grade is the other player going on to college. Although Danielle wasn't a scoring threat, she contributed ways that only some leaders can. She was a role model to the younger girls to do well in high school so that they too can have a chance at college. Have I said lately how proud I am of her.

Home on this Saturday night, reflecting on the good things and trying not to think of the disappointing ones. More pluses than minus'.

Over and Out

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