Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Run Fast for your Mother, Fast for your Father...

The Dog Days are overerer.......

Went on a quick run tonight with the doggies and it felt great. I've been on the treadmill at work lately during my lunch hour, but nothing beats running outside in the fresh air.

I know I've skipped quite a bit of the blingness and my adventures between the hand off and now, but don't worry I'll retrace our tracks.

And, now for today's good news, I received my annual review, and can proudly say that I received for the 12th year in a row "Exceeds Expectations". Grand commendation for this municipal-non-profit, proud of the work she does--employee. Through great adversity and multiple challenges, I've come out ahead, have been noticed and said that my work is "Sterling", pretty much like our Bling.

Tots in the oven, turkey burgers on the stove.

Over and Out~

Song: Run
Artist: Florence and the Machine

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