Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sitting here naked....

I'm sitting here naked thinking about my month with the bling. I find this round piece of jewelry a catalyst to have anyone open their imaginations, conquer their fears, enjoy any adventure and make everyday special.

I'm not sure it is the sole purpose of the bling, but she is sure does help get the juices flowing.....

Here is a recap of my month:

  • April Bling send off at Nikki's--what a blast!
  • Rescue Me and a very fun new toy
  • Work: sending out letters of invitation to 11 people who were vying for my job, then a meet and greet to all of them as they walked pass my desk to their interviews....2 very tough days
  • Madre's day
  • New Orleans! Me and the twenty somethings, St. Bernards Parish, "nothing but love", tattoo's, good music, good food and good drink
  • memories of my madre's death (it gets easier)
  • My Birthday (my coworkers decorated my cube and sang and took me out to lunch)
  • My Birthday present from Dav---a matching tattoo
  • Tahoe--Nephelle's and Jaime's in Sacramento (the best steak sandwich EVER!)
  • Union President in training....more responsibilities, less help, more satisfaction
  • The news of Curtis taking an interview in a different town
  • SIS--SV Parks & Golf Top Chef Burger Cook Off
  • Dinner with Jones (my ole chum from middle school)
  • Susan Boyle
  • Adam Lambert
  • And, lots and lots of revelations


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