Sunday, May 3, 2009

Two days and counting

Aaah, two more days and it will be my turn to hold the coveted do I approach my writing style, who are my readers--listeners--who is my audience? Oh, the girls. They are my audience.

Okay, here goes. Dear friends, I promise to uphold the responsibilities that come with wearing the necklace. I promise to include it in most everything I do. Everything. I also promise to write, blog, journal, tell you everything.

Things I wish for, a good story in the news...such as Octomom, or Swine, or how bout we are out of the damn recession, how bout world peace...ya, let's hope in my month of May, world peace finally happens.

Okay, let's be realistic and just settle for peace in our own lives.

Yes, peace-peace of mind, peace in our hearts, peace of ass, okay, I'll settle for a piece of ass. hee hee

Back to my peaceful family
Back to Marley and Me.


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