Friday, May 8, 2009

Edward Scissorhands

After a rough day on the work front, I thought I'd treat myself to a haircut. Not worrying about the end results, I called a coworkers hairdresser (who has fab hair) and he fit me in. It looked like I was walking into a pinkberry ice cream store. It was a stark new age shop with three cute Taiwanese boys running around. My hair cutter Joe was finishing up a client and I was brought to a futuristic shampoo bowl and got the best hand job of my life--on my hair that is. The water pressure was strong and the shampooer washed my hair twice then put conditioner and massaged my scalp, temples and then put a warm towel over my forehead at the end. Fabulous!

Joe finished up with his other lady, and after a full blow dry (he cuts dry), lots of questions, we came up with my new doo. His hands flew, and my hair flows. He said the first time it's 90% what I want and 10% what he wants. It really ended up 60-40 in his favor. End results, I love my new doo!

After my chauffeur duties, I met up with Cath and Scott for burritos and beers.
Gave them the scoop on my week, Helga, the lock down, necklace orgy, death of one of our Ambassador's at the golf course and meeting and greeting all of the candidates for what was to be my position. I then had a much deserved good cry watching Grey's Anatomy, and came to write this all down for you gals.

Today ends the week and appreciate that the bling was with me keeping me strong and I thank her for that.
Tomorrow starts another day and I appreciate that.

O&O girly girls

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  1. show us the pix of your new dooo!!!!