Monday, August 2, 2010

Two weddings and a Funeral

It was a busy month for Deb and bling girl was right there with her every step of the way.
Fourth of July was relaxing, low-key and fun. Half Marathon training continued even with the wedding events we attended. On a plane to Connecticut to celebrate with my cousin her bachelorette and bridal shower. What happens on the Party Bus stays on the Party Bus. That's all I've got to say. The shower was beautifully set at a restaurant on the shores of the Connecticut river. It's funny how the relatives that are the furthest away can be the closest to you.

My replacement ring finally arrived--I'm happy for the replacement but still miss the original.

Still putting in the miles and the workouts and trying to get this worn out body to run more than 2 miles. :)

We made some decisions about our future and one included moving to Santa Cruz area. Not tomorrow but definitely in the near future.

Paul and Tawnie getting married was the next weekend's festivities. It was held at Harmony Ridge Lodge in Nevada City. A beautiful B&B (not far to go when it came to the ceremony and reception), danced the night away--and then a nice drive home. Sometimes I like the long drives more than the activities. A chance to do nothing--no place to go but forward.

More training, Danielle continueing with her SAT prep, colleges--that is the question, Sr Pictures , three hour hot tub soaking, Cath? oh - ya Cath. We were both home at the same time. A nice visit with her sister, fiance and Bert. Also, got to see Scott--yes Scott! Planning a low-key surprise party for David, sneaky--he's going to hate it! :) I'm going to love it. And, finally fishing on the Capitola pier while listening to music. I do say, not a bad month in review.

Over and Out
Peace People~

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